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Colonel Lipscomb - Susanna Mosby

Colonel Lipscomb was born about 1755 very probably in King William County, Virginia. He married probably about 1780 to Susanna Mosby. He had died by 1804, when his Personal Property Tax listing was marked "Est." His Buckingham Co. Land Tax began in 1782 (when Va. Taxes were initiated) with 400 acres, 3/6, and on through 1802. Then 1803, 294 acres, 3/6.

The question must arise as to whether or not his name, "Colonel" might be a military title,--but apparently not. The Buckingham Co., Land Tax records list him at first as "Col.", then beginning 1790 it is fully spelled Colonel. The name is not found in any where else in the family or in military records.

"Col." Lipscomb of Buckingham Co., was, however, credited with Public Service during the Revolutionary War.

Colonel and Susanna had four children: Hezekiah, Anderson, John and Nancy.

Anderson Lipscomb

Anderson Lipscomb, the son of Colonel and Susanna (Mosby) Lipscomb, was born about 1783 in Buckingham County, Virginia. He married about 1800/3, since the 1810 census shows him with a son and 3 daughters. He had 11 slaves in 1810. He paid Personal Property tax as early as 1805. His land tax began 1810 and 1821 with 100 acres, located 7 miles East of Buckingham on the New Canton Road.

By 1817-18, he left Virginia, and in 1821 we find him on a list of taxables in Grainger Co., Tennessee.

By 1830 he had gone on farther Southwest, where we find him on the Jackson County, Alabama Census.

No record has been found for 1840 but family records, indicate that he must have gone to Pulaski Co., Missouri along with his son, Wade by 1840, where he died.

His known children are: Wade, Susannah, Elizabeth, Nancy, and possibly Mary.

Wade Lipscomb - Mary E. Baker

Wade Lipscomb, the son of Anderson Lipscomb was born in 1804 in Virginia. He probably came to Missouri in the 1830's.

He married 1st to Miss Letcher and had one daughter Lucy Ann. After his wife died he married Mary E. Baker on 19 September 1839, in Greene County, Missouri. They moved to Pulaski County, shortly after. They had eleven children: Virginia, Sarah, Priscilla, Nancy, Johnny G., Susannah, Anderson, Amanda, Julia Ann, Harriet and John Franklin.

He built the Lipscomb Mill which was later call the Wheeler`s Mill, after his widow Mary, married William Wheeler.

Wade died 18 November 1861. Mary died 3 March 1897. They were both buried at Wheeler's Mill, in a small unkept graveyard located beside a large "witness" tree.

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