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Jorg Merkle - Eve

Jorg Merkle in 1654 was accepted into Bonfeld Village as a citizen with full rights. He was born in 1603 in Germany and died in 1686 in Bonfeld Village, and buried in the Parish Church yard.

Eve was born in 1617, and died in 1690 in Bonfeld Village and buried in the Parish Church yard.

Their only known child is Abraham.

Abraham Merkle - Anna Veronica

Abraham was born 2 May 1664 in Bonefeld, Baden, Germany, the son of Jorg and Eve Merkle. He married Anna Veronica 27 Feb 1684 in Bonfeld Village.

They had 13 children: Jeremia Andreas, Anna Maria, Anna Felicitas, Anna Veronica, Andreas Jerimias, Anna Katherine, Anna Veronica (2), Regina, Isaac, Jacob, Isaac (2), Anna Rosina and Abraham.

They emigrated to the Pennsylvania Colony in 1717 and probably died enroute, possibly buried at sea.

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