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Caleb Ricketts - Cindyce Nelson

Caleb had two children by his first marriage to Cindyce Nelson: Laura Etta and Clara. He married a second time in Taylor County, Iowa to Margaret Greer. They had ten children: Volney, Grant, Seigel, Douglas, Eva, Minnie, Beecher, Franklin, Marion and Harvey.

Caleb worked in the coal mines. After retirement in Peoria, Illinois he was allowed to take enough coal for his own heating stove. One day after filling his sack he put it on his shoulder. As he was doing so the sack hit the coal pile causing a slide which buried Caleb. He was dead before rescuers could dig him out of the coal.

After the death of Caleb, Margaret went to live with her son Grant, who had made the Run into the Cherokee Outlet in 1893 and homesteaded 8 miles west of Pond Creek, Oklahoma.

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